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Neuadd Plwyf Llandegfan Parish Hall


The Parish Hall was donated to the village by the Rathbone Family for the benefit of the people in 1904.

Originally intended as a reading room and a lending library, it could also be used for choir practices, drama and cookery classes.

Today The Parish Hall is used in much the same way as it was in the early years.

In addition to concerts and plays, the annual Llandegfan Crown Eisteddfod is held there.

Societies such as the Youth Club, Cultural Society, Merched y Wawr, Women?s Institute and the Senior Citizen Club hold their meeting within its walls.

Adeiladwyd Neuadd Y Plwyf ym 1904. Rhoddwyd yr adeilad i’r pentref gan Deulu’r Rathbone er budd pobl y plwyf.



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